Best Electric shavers of 2016


Best Electric Shavers of 2016

There has never been a better time to get an Electric shaver. Electric shavers now offer the closeness of a traditional razor but with the added convenience and speed. You also have 0 risk of cutting yourself and the need of shaving cream or gel. Check out our Best Electric Shavers of 2016. We ranked them based on thousands of user experience, price as well as functionality. Best of all you can purchase them all directly from our partner check it out - Copy (18)

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Humble Beginnings of an Electric Shaver

Shavers have existed 18,000 B.c. and has evolved to become complex machines that does the job automatically for you. With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it can be a daunting task to choose your shaver to groom your facial hair. There are two different types of shaver now in the market. The electric shaver and the traditional razor. Most men prefer an electric shaver compared to the razor because of the simplicity and also the convenience of using one. Not needing to use shaving foam is such a benefit and you also avoid getting cuts and nicks along the way. Although the more costly solution, the overall benefits far outweigh the benefits of a razor. That said, a razor can give you a better and cleaner shave. Which is also the reason why some people still swear by them. To Check out our best electric shaver series click on the pictures above.




Types of Electric shavers

There are two different types of electric shaver now in the market. The rotary shaver and the foil shaver. Although the way it trims the beard in a different way, both will get the job done. These electric shavers work by blades that are enclosed within a patterned hole punctured metal screen which captures hair as you move it across your face. These blades rotate at a high speed to effectively cut the hair and this screen helps prevent your skin from direct contact with the blades unlike a razor. By using a electric razor, you are guaranteed to have a clean and fast shave. Most of these electric shavers are battery operated and the rechargeable battery options will usually cost more but have more functions that will make the experience better.

Rotary shavers utilize most of the time, three circular blades and these cutters will remove any hair that moves beneath them in a circular fashion. Because of the design, the shaver is usually more flexible and can flex within it’s housing, giving you a better shave at those hard to reach places. Rotary shavers also are quieter than foil shavers and can work more efficiently due to the amount of blades working at a time. Rotary shavers are suited to people with thicker hair and whose hair grows at a really quick rate.

Foil shavers are commonly made up of a series of blades in a row that swivels back and forth and up and down. capturing and cutting the facial hairs as you move the blades across your face. Your skin is also protected by a puncture patterned metal screen so you won’t need worry about cuts and nicks from the blade.

Personal Thoughts and experience

Grooming your facial hair is definitely a personal thing and i would definitely advise getting a decent shaver and stick to it. Changing the shaver you use can have its benefits but because your skin is already so used to your previous shaver, the experience that you might get will be totally different. If you have been using a razor in the past. Its best to take a look at reviews before diving into your first electric shaver. You can also take a look at our reviews here. Once you purchased your first shaver, you will probably need some time anyway to get used to the new shaving method.

Lastly, the type of electronic shaver you use is really dependent on the the concentration of hair growth you have and the thickness of your hair. If it is quite minimal, you should go for a foil shaver which will be more suited. As mentioned, there is no one shaver fits all. It’s really up to you to determine the most suitable for yourself. Always remember that a manual razor will always offer the closest shave, however, the vast benefits of an electrical one will definitely make you stick to an electric shaver.


when choosing your electric razor, it is important to have a list of specifications that you would like. This way you will be laser focused with what you want and not over exceed your budget.

specifications of the device

  • Rechargeable batteries- Although majority of brands and models do have them, there are some that are still battery operated.
  • Self Cleaning- Most of the higher end models have the accessory of a self cleaning dock. This is more of a convenience to save you a few minutes. if you do not find that this is a need, you can always forgo this function and maintain it on your own.
  • waterproof- Unknown to many, there are waterproof options especially for people who love to shave in the shower. This is known as a dry/wet function. Don’t use your shaver in the shower if your model does not support that!
  • Performance- perhaps the most important specification, it is preferable to have a razor that cuts over 10,000 revolutions per minutes. This ensures a clean and good shave that is long lasting and you won’t have any stray hairs poking out
  • ergonomics- If you shave on a regular basis, this might be a consideration for yourself. Get an electric shaver with good ergonomics that you are comfortable with. Trust me, in a long run this will make a difference for you


If you travel a lot, this might be an important aspect to you. Whether the shaver is small enough or whether it has a travel case included will definitely be a huge benefit. Do note that normally such bonuses only come wit the high end shavers or you can also buy the parts separately. Alternatively, Most brands do have travel friendly shavers available and if you frequently travel, it is advisable to purchase one and use it regularly prior to your trip. You might also want to invest in a hybrid razor such as the Gillette fusion power and it’s other variants.