Braun 3 Series 340s-long term review

If you haven’t read our first review on the Braun 3 Series 340s review, check it out so that you get a rough idea on the specifications and what you can expect from the low tier shaver. The Braun 3 series 340s really packs a punch for the price you are getting it at $49.95. It’s really a huge jump as well especially if you are coming from a lower tier shaver like i did from the Braun 1 series going at $34 dollars. The difference you get in terms of functions are massive which includes the triple action cutting system which targets individual hair as well as the ability to do wet shaving. After 5 months of using the Braun 340 3 series, here are the massive upgrade in shaving experience that i have noticed so far.

braun 3

For most people, spending more than $100 dollars on a shaver unless it is a gift is usually overkill. After all, unless your facial hair is growing out of control and you require a really good shaver to trim your hair everyday, a $50 dollars shaver will suffice to get the job done. Previously with my braun 1 series, I had to make multiple runs across my face to get a good job because just 1 blades didn’t cut it. There were many stray hairs also left and i needed to have extra attention when shaving so that i can target those hairs. With the Braun 3 series 340s, shaving is much more efficient with the triple cutting system, it allows me to only use one or two runs in order to get the job done efficiently and quickly. With the float free system as well, I don’t have to worry about the amount of pressure and the different contours on my face because the free float handles that for me. Handling the system is easy because of it’s ergonomic shape and it is easy to manoeuvre the shaver around hard to reach places such as my neck and chin. 


Another issue i have always had with my 1 series is also cleaning the shaver, however, the 3 series 340s makes it extremely easy because i can run it under water and clear any excess shavings without making a mess. The additional cutting heads don’t make it an issue as well because it is easy to remove and maintain.


Recently i have also tried using it in the shower and it works wonders, shaving in the morning which carrying out my morning routine of bathing makes it simple and effective. The battery life for the system is durable and i can usually get 1 week of usage, The battery doesn’t have any memory issue and i get the full power throughout without the power dipping when the power is low. Overall this is a great shaver and i would recommend this particular shaver to anyone with a budget. It really is a step up from the braun 1 series and it trumps it in every way and only requires a slight top up of 15 dollars. In addition, the replacement heads are relatively cheap and the overall cost per year can definitely be compared with manual razors. Get your Braun 3 Series 340s wet and dry shaver at this link and help support our website! Share and comment too if you have any questions regarding the shavers.


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