BrAun 9 Series, whats new

 braun 9 series

            Every now and then Braun creates something innovative and revolutionary and the Braun series 9 is no exception. The Series 9 replaces the series 87 as  BrAuns top end series. The Braun 9 series brings about a fresh update to the already aging series 7 and the series 9 comes with innovation packed to the brim with only one objective in mind-to bring you the closest and most comfortable shave like no other shaver.

4 Specialized cutting elements


One thing similar to all the 3, 5 and 7 series are its 3 cutting elements but the 9 series brings it up a notch with 4 specialized cutting elements. Each with a different purpose. Combine this with its pivoting shaver head, these 4 cutting elements can tackle any kind of facial hair and any contour that you can bring it.

  1. Hyper cut and lift trimmer

This element helps to cut and lift difficult flat lying hair that is found on the chin and neck areas

  1. Direct and cut Trimmer

Efficiently cuts any hair no matter the direction of growth

  1. Optifoil

Perhaps the most important element which is the foil which brings you the perfect closeness you need to give you the best shave ever.

  1. Sonic Technology

 With its blades vibrating at over 10,000 revolutions per month, the blades read the contour and density of your facial hair and cuts it efficiently and smoothly. Leaving you without any discomfort or razor burns that is common on other shavers

Braun series 9 also comes fully packed with features that makes your shaving experience a more memorable one.

  • Multi head lock

    • With 5 different adjustable angles, you can lock it at any to give yourself a more comfortable shave no matter which area you are targeting
  • Precision trimmer

    • No shaver is complete without a prevision trimmer which allows you to trim your moustache and sideburns effectively
  • Display panel

    • an intuitive display which tells you your battery life, hygiene indicator and travel lock indicator
  • Waterproof

    • Whether you enjoy an occasional wet shave or dry shave, the 9 series can handle both. It is also a great way for you to wash your device without worrying that it will spoil.
  • Fast charging

    • A full charge takes only 1 hour and can provide up to 50 minutes of shaving. If you can’t wait for a full charge, just 5 minutes of charging will provide you with 1 shave.
  • protective travel pouch

    • If you are a frequent traveller, the protective travel pouch will keep your shaver in tip top shape and in one piece.

Overall the Braun 9 series is a needed update to the Braun 7 series and brings about all that we love but with a few more great features. A definite must have if you are someone looking for the best electric shaver and want to achieve the most comfortable and closest shave possible.


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