Braun Clean & renew cartridge review

You’ll probably see this only if you are using a Braun 3 series, Braun 5 Series or Braun 7 series with the 5 in one clean and renew system. The refills are the core component of the whole system and acts as a cleaner and lubricating agent for your Braun shaver.

clean and renew cartridge

There have been a lot of reviews saying that these clean and renew cartridges are not worthwhile because they don’t last very long and they are relatively expensive. Though I agree that they are quite expensive, there are actually some ways you can learn to make them last for months on end. To take a look at some of the tips, click here.clean and renew

Besides the use of the cartridges, there are several ways to clean your shaver which is by using water and a brush and some mineral oil to lubricate the blades. This however takes an awfully long time and unless you have the luxury of time, this process can take up to 15 minutes. Not to mention the process of taking out the individual parts and putting the parts back together.

The cleaning dock that the shavers usually come with aims to remove all these hassle by doing all these for you. Both cleaning and maintaining your shaver with a push of the button.

The renew cartridges are easy to use and you just need to remove the top cap and slot them into the cleaning unit. Don’t forget to close the cap after use though to prolong the use of the cartridge. You should be only using this about 1 or 2 times a week and not everyday. You daily driver should still be simple water to run through the system. The contents of the cartridge is a combination of an alcohol solution and some lubricating agent. It cleans the shaver by running the solution through the shaver and is proven to be more effective than water to remove bacteria and germs after shaving. At the same time, it also cleans and lubricates the shaver blades so maintain its cutting efficiency, thus prolonging the life of your electric shaver. If you dread the smell of smelling your old hair trimmings as well, the cartridge also leaves a nice lemony smell that smells pleasant.

Overall. It is a great product which removes the hassle of cleaning the shaver. It can also be seen as an investment to cheap your shaver running problem free that is inexpensive if you maintain good habits for your cartridges. A definite must have if you need to shave constantly.

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