Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

braun cruzer 6-1The Braun Cruzer 6 screams quality with its sleek design and user friendly attachments that are suitable for all body areas. It comes with 3 different attachments and seeks to provide a great solution for whatever shave you need. This model is fairly different from the Braun Cruzer 6 face shaver and should not be mistaken as they are relatively different.


A lot of users have praised that the Braun Cruzer 6 works without waking the misses and I can relate to that, it only emits a soft humming sound and I no longer have to close the bathroom door just to shave myself in the morning. The unit is also so thin and comfortable to hold which is a great plus point if you are shaving for a long period of time. I have also used it a couple of times in the shower but I’ll still prefer a dry use because then I can really see what I’m shaving. Many others also found the shaving to be effective without going more than 3 passes. It trims extremely close to the skin and is one of the best in its class if you want to look like a hairless baby. Cleaning is not a hassle as well as all you need is some running water and some machine oil every 1 week. However, do note that drying the device might take a little more time because of the added attachments.

Over time the battery also did not weaken and the majority of customer were able to use it for more than 1 year without the battery dying or the quality of the shave downgrading. Overall a decent product which I will recommend if you want to shave quickly and effectively.

 Powered trim

braun cruzer 6

Designed to be a body grooming shaver, it comes with a trimming element which is more fine than most trimmers out there, the teimming teeth which is only 1mm in length helps to minimise cuts and nicks and irritation and comes with 3 different length combs(0.6mm,3mm and 8mm) for the length you want.


Wet shave

braun cruzer 61

Partnering with Gillette’s advanced cartridge baldes which comes with 5 blades, this attachment is great for giving you a smooth and close shave without any hassle


1+2 Trim +shave

braun cruzer 62

Designed to save time, this combination is great especially if you want to keep you hair long but need to shave it for the weekdays. It allows you to trim and shave in just a single stoke. Saving you precious time from during one step at a time.

The Braun cruzer 6 out of the box was extremely ergonomic and easy to handle, with dedicated grip cavity for your thumb and textured ribs for better handling. The design was also extremely sleek and would be a great do it all travel companion on any trip.

It comes with a rechargeable battery with 50 minutes of use when fully charged and has battery indicators when it is low. It comes with a inductive charging stand as well which makes it simple to charge.


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