Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System Review

Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System Review

Braun-Series-5-550cc Braun-Series-5-550cc1 If you are looking for a clean and smooth shave, want an easily maintained electric razor that is travel-friendly, and may want a wet or dry shave, the Braun Series 5-550c is the razor for you. It is an entire shaving system, letting you choose the type of shave you want, utilizing the one-click cleaning feature, and even having a quick shave by charging it for just 5 minutes. There are many great features and benefits to this razor as listed below.

Intro to Features

Before looking at the detailed review and description of this excellent electric razor, take a look at all these great features: ·         Single shave possible with a 5-minute charge ·         The optifoil offers a clean and smooth shave ·         There is an adaptive shaving head that works with the contours of your face, chin and jawline ·         A triple action cutting system is included for a close and clean shave every time ·         The electric razor cleans automatically with the push of a button

Get the Best Shave Ever

The following features encompass all that you get when you choose the Braun 550-cc razor: OptiFoil – The OptiFoil is a special design within the razor that lets you get the hairs deeper within the skin, without tugging or pulling. This lets your shaves last longer and reduce how often you need to shave. ActiveLift – If you struggle with cutting flat-lying hair, you will be delighted with the ActiveLift feature. This is a middle trimmer that helps pull up and cut this type of facial hair. Contour Shaving Head – The adaptive and flexible shaving head lays flat on the face and chin, regardless of the contours and angles. You hold it at the same angle, while the head of the razor tilts and adjusts according to the angles of your face, jawline or chin. Triple Cutting Elements – This razor is built with a unique cutting design that includes three different cutting elements. This means it cuts all types of hair in one swift motion, from stubble and short hair, to coarse or fine hair. Trimming Feature – If you have a mustache, goatee or sideburns that simply need to be trimmed, there is also a long hair trimmer built into the shaver.

The New Braun Cleaning System

The Braun 550cc shaving system also comes with a special cleaning system called the Clean and Renew System. This allows you to keep your electric razor clean, simply by pressing a button. There is a fresh lemon scent and an alcohol-based cleaning solution can kill virtually all of the germs and bacteria that lingers on the razor. Since it is waterproof, you can also put it under running water to clean it clean in between uses. There is an automatic lubrication feature following the simple, clean and rinse that allows for the best cutting precision possible.

What You Will Receive

The shaving system comes with everything you need, including the 5-550c electric razor, the cleaning brush, clean and renew system, SmartPlug that works with 100v and 240 v for international travel, a clean and renew cartridge, charging station and power cord, and a travel pouch. With an automatic cleaning feature, waterproof and washable design, and special contouring and cutting features, it is hard to imagine you need any other electric razor.  check it out - Copy (8)    

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