Braun Series 5-590cc 1Count Review

Braun Series 5-590cc Men’s Shaving System, 1 Count Review

Braun Series 5-590cc Men's Shaving System Braun Series 5-590cc Men's Shaving System1 The latest release from the Braun Series 5 electric razors, the 5-590cc, is the best one yet. This isn’t just an electric razor, but an entire shaving system with self-cleaning options, an LCD screen, and many great features. It includes a pivoting head to get every angle and curve of your face, chin and neck, automatically cleans with just one button, and is specially engineered to cut every type of hair, from long and flat-lying hairs, to short coarse stubble.

Best Features to Know About

If you are looking for a quick list of the best features, you should be aware of the following benefits to the Braun Series 5-590cc shaving system: ·         The razor charges in 5 minutes for a single shave ·         There is a 2-year warranty to protect against damage ·         The Triple action cutting system shaves all lengths of facial hair ·         There is a contour adaptive shaving head for different angles and parts of the face, including the jaw and chin ·         There is a clean and smooth shave in every part of the face ·         It is easy to clean with the clean and renew shaving system

  • A precision trimmer is included

  Precision Cutting and Trimming The precision cutting and trimming of the Braun Series 5-590cc electric shaving system includes four main features: the ActiveLift, Optifoil, Precision Long Hair Trimmer, and Triple Action Cutting System. The ActiveLift is a middle trimmer that helps to lift and cut the flat-lying hair that often gets missed by other electric razors. The OptiFoil helps to grab hairs deeper in the skin without pulling and tugging, in order to keep a smooth face for longer. With the triple action cutting system, there are three different cutting features used for short and long hair. Finally, the long-hair trimmer helps trim a beard without the use of scissors or other trimming and grooming tools.

New Contour Design

If you are concerned about your razor reaching difficult places like your neck or the contour angles of your chin, no need to worry any further. The new contour design of the Braun Series 5 razors has a shaving head that moves and tilts according to these areas of your face. It lies flat on your cheeks, while it moves around as needed for your chin and jawline.

Waterproof and Battery Life

This electric razor lasts longer and has a li-ion rechargeable battery so you are not struggling with repeated charges. You can also plug it in for just 5 minutes to have a quick shave. The razor is waterproof and washable, allowing you to keep it clean under running water and shaving in the shower. There is an LED display to show if it needs to be cleaned and what the status of the charge or battery life is.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Shaver

Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier. The Braun electric shaving system for men is self-cleaning by just pushing a button. It offers a fresh lemon scent with the clean and renew feature with an alcohol-based cleaning solution. It can also be run under water when needed.

What You Get

In the box when you purchase the Braun 5-590cc electric shaving system is the electric razor and charging base, power cord, SmartPlug so it can be plugged into the 100 volt or 240 volt outlets, a cleaning brush with the clean and renew system, and a travel pouch to keep it clean and protected while traveling.  check it out - Copy (5)

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