Braun’s CoolTec System review

braun cooltecWhen you hear about the brand “Braun”, you know the brand amplifies quality and German engineering. majority of the products in the Braun line are made in Germany and they are at the forefront of engineering and innovation when it comes to electric shavers. They recently launched the CoolTec Series about a year ago in June 13 and This post is a review on their highest end model which is the CT5cc.  Which is the device which comes along with the Clean and charge system. Often denoted with the suffix “cc”. The CT5cc promises you a more comfortable shave with its cool tec technology. The shaver utilizes a active cooling technology which automatically cools the skin while you shave. It uses a electro-ceramic cooling element which will cool the surface of the foil. It claims to reduce shaving irritation by reducing the skin tension and also cools the warm parts which usually occurs with other electric shavers.

Out of the box the Braun CoolTec CT5cc looks like a 5 series shaver But is relatively different from the shaving functions. It lacks the active lift technology which helps to lift flat lying hair in hard to reach places. Although it sounds gimmicky, it really does help especially at areas such as under the chin and neck areas. However, the CoolTec still retains many of the technology that you can find in the 5 series such as the contour adaptive shaving head and the triple cutting head.

Out of the Box

out of the box the Braun CoolTec CT5cc comes with the shaver, a clean and charge sytem, a cleaning cartridge for your “cc” system, a seperate charging cradle, a handy travel pouch which can fit the unit, a smart plug so that you can use the device whether the power outlet is a 110V or 240V. The unit has a auto voltage converter so it won’t spoil your electric shaver. And lastly, a cleaning brush which is an essential item to keep your device clean and working at it’s peak.


Although it is a wet/dry certified product which can be used in the shower, you won’t really feel the effects of the active cooling technology unless you are doing a dry shave. This is why Braun also recommends the shaver to be used for dry shaving. As this is where it will excel. I found myself going over my skin once to get rid of my facial hair. I also felt no irritation and the cool tec was working as intended. The contour adaptability helped in getting the hairs at hard to reach places such as my neck area and chin and washing the unit was no hassle with the included self cleaning unit.


Technology it comes with

-Active Cooling Technologycheck it out

world’s first cooling technology which cools and calms your skin while you shave to minimise irritation of the skin.

-flexible cutting elements

Adapts to your skin’s contours and cuts both long and short hairs with every stroke

-Triple Action Cutting System

Twin foils and integrated trimmer which help you achieve a closer shave

-Full washability and charging

Full maintenance, cleaning and refresh system all through the all in one cleaning dock


integrated battery display and quick charge(1 hour for full charge)

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