Foil or Rotary shavers

If you are in search of an electric shaver, you will be faced with either getting a rotary shaver or a foil shaver. In the article, we point out the key differences between the two and hopefully help you to make a more informed decision. How do they work although both utilizes rotating razors to trim off your facial hair, there are stark differences in the method used. Foil shavers work by a few key parts. The foil which is the metal sheet with holes which allows your facial hair to go into for the rotating razor which oscillates and moves up and down to cut. Which gives it the name of a foil shaver. Do note that because of the foil design, foil shavers are usually suited for men who have straight facial hair growth. After all, if you have curly hair, it will be near impossible for the shaver to cut the hair. This is also the foil which prevents your skin from getting nicked or cut. Most of these foil shavers also come with a trimmer which allows you to shave your bread in the way you like for that personal touch. Foil shavers are usually for men who have thinner facial hair follicles and require a close shave. Rotary shaver Rotary shavers as the name implies, involves a group of blades rotating and spinning to get the job done.  Most rotary shavers are designed to follow the contours of your face, which makes it even easier to shave at difficult to reach places such as your chin and neck. The head assembly is usually flexible and will bend and flex according to the shape of your face, placing less pressure on your skin and also feels better as when compared to a foil shaver. This is one of the selling points of a rotary shaver which i too have come to love. the more expensive rotary shavers models tend to have 4 rotary blades which covers more surface area and also give you a better have. Rotary shavers are great especially if you do not shave often, it is also great for capturing and shaving off curly hair follicles or even thick ones. Rotary shavers tend to need lesser maintenance as well so if you are someone who does not shave this might be the solution for you. Do note that because of the design of the 4 small rotating blades, you will definitely spend more time shaving as when compared to a foil shaver. overall It all boils down a few key points that i will list down in a easy to see table. Although there are stark differences between the two types of electric shaver, both offers a great and close shave. You will just have to try and see which you are more comfortable with

Type              foil shaverrotary shaver
Frequency of shaveFrequent shaving(Daily)In frequent shaving(During across weekends before getting back to work)
Maintenance every 3-5 days1-2 weeks depending on usage
Hair Typeshort straight and fine hairno problem dealing with curly long tight hairs
Razor-like shavethe closest you can get other than a razorclose shave but not as close as a foil shaver

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