Gillette Fusion-Is it really needed?

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If you usually use razors to shave, you probably have considered using a Gillette fusion blade, which consists of 5 blades, rather than the traditional 3 blades. However, the question is whether it has a significant difference in performance when compared to it’s 3 bladed brother.


Perhaps the biggest factor when you are deciding between the two, purchasing the initial handle and blade might not seem like a big difference between the two variants but the cost will start to add up when purchasing the refill packs. Razors tend to have shorter lifespans than electric shavers and they need to be replaced on an average once a month depending on amount of usage and the environment they are placed in. However, you can increase their life span by following a few simple steps that can be done on a weekly basis. Just comparing the two prices over amazon. Eight blades for the fusion version will set you back about $30 while the Mach 3 will set you back at just half the price at $16. Stack this cost over a few years of usage and you’ll start to notice the big difference. Click on the pictures below to view their current prices.

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Performance across all Gillette shavers have always been top notch and is why they are the preferred brand when it comes to razors. When you are purchasing a 5 blade razor, you expect the best and it does deliver. However, ask yourself whether you really need that little boost of performance. Unless you usually grow facial hair at a rapid rate or you have a habit of only shaving once every 3 days, you’ll probably see minute differences from the two.

Both blades are top notch in essence if you are looking for a close shave; however, the cost difference might be the deciding factor for you especially if you are using razors to go about your grooming. After all, as long as the blade gets the job done, the cheaper it is the better. Check out our page on the best razors and shavers and make a more informed decision.


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