How to Get rid of Body Odor

Body odor is a combination of bacteria mixed together with your perspiration. It is the most commonly experienced especially after workouts or if you do not air yourself in a stuffy room. Body odor is really a hindrance because it not only smells bad. It makes you seem like you have not taken a shower before going out. There is a misconception that spraying deodorizer is the ultimate solution to body odor but it is quite the contrary, deodorizer only acts as  a mask and it is not effective as a means of removing the smell. In fact, the only way you can do so is to cleanse your skin in a form of a bath. Failing to do so will allow the bacteria to breed and this is why normal in humid places and if you are in office attire. You tend to smell worse than in a singlet. This is due to the perspiration being trapped in your body and unable to evaporate. armpit_hair



The only sure cure way of removing body odor is to take a good bathe. Lather yourself up with soap and after rinsing off, the alkaline properties of the soap will neutralize the acidic perspiration which will effectively remove the smell. Another effective method is to use body soap that contains natural astringent such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus which will shrink your perspiration pores. This will limit the amount that you perspire. In addition, add some powder after your bath to further dry yourself and to absorb any remaining moisture.

Removing body hair

If you have noticed, Generally men smells worse than ladies. And it has nothing to do with hormones. Little do you know, body hair such as armpit hair or chest hair can be a bacteria breeding ground. Because of the density of hair located in a single spot, it tends to be moist most of the time and will encourage bacteria to grow. Shaving your armpits or chest using a body hair trimmer if it is extremely hairy will definitely elevate a lot of the odor especially when you perspire. Although it might look weird for guys to shave their armpits. But trust me, it is becoming a norm for guys to shave not only to look good, but to look presentable and well kept as well. Check out our list of the best body trimmers of 2014 and shave comfortable and properly. body hair trimmer

No reusing of clothes

Reusing of your clothes after more than a day is a huge NO. Although it might smell alright to you. There are already millions of bacteria that can be found within your shirt. This will not only make your body odor worse but will accelerate it. Also, research have shown that artificial fibers tend to smell worse when mixed with perspiration. Try this with a lycra shirt and you will find it smelling worse than your 100% cotton shirts.


Diet is probably one of the huge contributors of body odor. Cutting out oily foods or food that is hard to digest such as processed foods is a sure way to get rid of the smell. It’s just like eating tons of carrots at a go, your body will reflect what it eats and if you eat a bunch of carrots, your skin color will show a little more orange. Well, eating processed foods, onions, garlic or even curry will cause body odor. Although it can be hard to abstain from it completely, reducing the intake will help.  

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