How to Keep Razor Blades sharp

If you use your razor on a daily basis, you’ll notice that your blades start to dull very quickly, usually between 3 weeks to 4 weeks. If you intend to save costs on replacement, here are some brilliant ways you can keep your razor blade sharp. These methods work for all types of blade no matter if you are using a safety razor, electric shaver or even a single blade razor.


Water moisture

Water moisture is one of the biggest enemies of razorblades, especially since the blades are so closely stacked against one another, water moisture can be easily trapped between the blades and cause your bladDSC05653es to rust over time. After shaving, wash the blades thoroughly and then use a cloth to dry the blades, you can also practice blowing on the blades to free any excess water trapped in between as well. Just by this extra step, you can reduce the risk of your blades rusty and keep them sharp.



This process is optional but I found it very useful as it helps to keep the blades lubricated and it also feels better against the face. Fill a small container with baby oil, olive oil or mineral oil and soak the razor in the solution for a few minutes. Clear off any excess oil and you’ll feel the difference the next shave.

Removing nicks from the blade

When there are nicks and uneven surfaces present on the blade, it tends to get dull quicker and it also gives an uneven performance when shaving. It also wears the blade quicker and just a small nick on the blade can cause a lot of discomfort while shaving. To remove the unevenness, take a pair of old jeans or a rough cloth material and place it on the floor or on a flat surface, pull and push the razor blade across the cloth for about 20 strokes, this motion will not only smoothen out the nick from the blade but also help to keep the blades sharp.

Where you leave your blade

One of the most common mistakes people make is leaving their blades in the open, if you find your blade rusting quicker than it usually is supposed to despite following the steps above, you should keep your blades in a bag or use a protective blade case. Even the water vapour from bathing or washing your hands can seep into the nooks and crannies of your blade and cause your blade to rust and dull. The best method I found is to keep your blades in a separate hard case.



Maintaining these habits might add a few more minutes to your daily routine but are essential steps especially if you want to prolong the life of your razors. After all, the maintenance cost of a razor is quite expensive when compared to the yearly cost of electric shaver so if desire the closest shave and still prefer the manual method of shaving, I suggest taking up some of these methods to save some cost.

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