How to Shave With A Safety Razor

Safety Razors

safety razors

Learning how to shave with a safety razor is paramount if you want to avoid cuts and get the closest shave you can get with such a traditional shaving device. Safety Razors first came about way before a cartridge razor and is still one of the most popular ways to shave today. Safety razors are might not give you the closest shave like a cartridge would because of the multiple blade but those multiple blades also tend to cut off extra skin as well. This can cause irritation or what they would call razor burns. In addition, a result can often lead to dry and flaky skin which is not desirable. 


In order to achieve the best results, we usually recommend shaving after having a hot shower, the hot water or moisture will help to open the pores, which will give you a cleaner shave and prevents cuts. Using a hot towel and placing it on your face for a few minutes will also have the same effect. Using some shaving cream or pre-shave oil, Spread the solution on your face gently and ensure a smooth even layer throughout.

Shave with a Safety Razor

There is some art and science to it but you only want to shave in a single direction. Shaving in multi direction can cause uneven shaving and you also won’t get the same effect. Remember that you are only working with one blade which means you want to use as little strokes as possible. Make your skin taut by pulling up on your skin. Pulling down will cause your skin to sag in the future. Hold the safety razor about 30-50 degrees offset from the center and use the weight of the razor to shave downwards. Don’t apply any pressure as you might end up cutting yourself. Once you have completed. Finish off with some cold water to close the pores and you can also use some facial moisturizer to keep your face supple and smooth. 

Care for your razor

It is important to upkeep your razor so that you can maintain the sharpness of your blade. ensure that it is washed after use and also dried with a towel. Ensure that you store your razor in a dry environment to prevent rust from forming. If you shave and notice some difficulty in the smoothness or if some hairs are left uncut. It might be a good time to replace the blade. A rusty blade could also injure you so it is best to maintain a sharp blade throughout. 

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