Maintenance for your electric shaver

Like any electrical tool, an electric razor also needs some maintenance for it to work at it’s 100%. Most people who do not maintain their electric shaver notice about a 20% reduced life for their shaver. This is due to the excess hair clogging up the system and also rusting of the metal parts especially if you tend to use your shaver in the shower. Worse still, your shaver could be a host for bacteria and cause you an infection when you get nicks or cuts. Overall, maintaining your shaver ensures that you get a great and close shave every time and also helps to increase the life span of your tool. Different shavers might have specific cleaning techniques which will be mentioned on the manufacturer’s manual. Or if you are using a higher end model, chances are your product already came with a self cleaning housing for you to place after your shave. Nonetheless, there are some general tips that everyone should follow on a daily and weekly basis to upkeep your shaver.

Maintenance for Foil shavers

imagesFoil shavers are much easier to maintain due to one centralised blade. To maintain the blade, remove the metal screen and use the brush which is normally included with your shaver to brush off excess hair, this should be done every fortnightly. Not doing so will clog the blades and cause it to rotate at a lesser speed. Which in turn means it will cut less efficiently. Next, if you notice more noise coming from the operation of your shaver, you might want to put a few drops or squirts of lubricant directly on the foil blade. You should also keep the shaver running so that the lubricant can seep through the metal parts of the shaver. Remember to use the authorized lubricant as shaver lubricant tends to be less abrasive and corrosive to the sensitive parts of the shaver.      

Maintenance for Rotary shavers

Rotary shavers have more components so it is important to be thorough with your maintenance. The first step you should take is to remove the head from the housing, This is especially important if your shaving unit is not a wet shaver. Remove all the individual parts such as the retaining bracket, the blade from the blade housing and rinse under cold water while brushing the individual parts. Remember to dry them immediately to prevent rusting. To add another protective layer, use a lubricant and lightly coat the individual parts. Leave the parts to dry for about 3-4 minutes and assemble the parts back together again. This will ensure smoothness the next time you shave. rotary blade

Replacement of blades

Most people i know feel that their shavers are malfunctioning when they get pinch cuts or nicks but the truth is far from that. Most often than not, it is due to the blades getting dull. Avoid replacing your expensive shaver and instead, get the manufacturer’s replacement. Most brands carry replacement blades and parts so that you can replace them without burning a big hole in your wallet. To achieve the best shave every time, ensure that you replace your blades on a yearly basis or when you feel that you are not getting a close and even shave.


The battery component is probably the most expensive component to replace should your battery spoil. To increase the life span of your battery, avoid over charging as this can reduce the battery life significantly. Secondly, if you are not using your shaver for a long time, it is advisable to remove the battery as electrical components tend to have a passive battery drain over a long period. If you feel that your battery is draining  quicker than it normally does, it might be a sign to replace the battery as well. A battery with lower voltage might cause the blades to have an imbalance frequency which might not give you the best shave that you want.

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