Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Review

Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Sensotouch 3D Electric Razor (Series 8000) Review

Philips Norelco Philips Norelco1 If you have been searching for an advanced razor with a touchscreen, ergonomic design, and flexible shaving head, the Philips Norelco 1290X/46 Sensotouch 3D Electric Razor (Series 8000) is the razor for you. It works with a wet and dry shave, can be used with the power cord or as a cordless razor, and has a touchscreen that makes it easy to keep track of its battery and charger. There is a pop-out trimmer for your mustache and goatee, and its contours well to every curve of your face.

Features You Can’t Miss

The Philips Norelco 1290X/46 3D electric razor is anything but simple. There are some incredible features that make it well worth the price, including a pop-out trimmer for the mustache and sideburnsThe Touch-screen to make it easy to get the shave you wantThe ability to shave wet or dry, including any time of shaving foam or gel3D flexibility system with Gyroflex that contours to your face, pivots and tilts appropriately

Ergonomic Control

This isn’t your ordinary shaver that only reaches the flat surface of the skin. It is specially designed with SensoTouch 3D technology for the best control and precision available. It includes an ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable and gives you even more control during your shave. The skin-friendly trimmer is perfect for your sideburns, goatee or mustache.

Wet and Dry Shave

One of the best things about the Philips Norelco 3D shavor is that it can be used for wet and dry shaves. If you are in a hurry and need a quick, clean and dry shave, feel free to use the shaver for that purpose. You can also get an excellent wet shave sing any type of gel or foam you desire. The shaver glides smoothly across your face, at every angle, regardless of whether you are shaving wet or dry. No skin irritation is caused by the dry shave.

Cordless for Traveling

The Philips Norelco razor is a great option if you travel option for business or pleasure. It can be charged ahead of time and used as a cordless shaver for up to 60 minutes, or 20 days in total. It comes with a travel bag so that you can travel with it safely, and it can adjust to 240 volts AC if you are planning on an international trip. Keep an eye on the display screen while traveling so you can know when blades need to be replaced or when it should be charged. It also includes a two-year warranty for added protection.

Touchscreen Display

Technology is your friend when you purchase this razor. It includes a 3D touchscreen display that is easy to use and follow. You will see the battery charge and how minutes are left to use the razor before the battery dies. Other things included in the display include the status of the charge while it is on the charging dock, and the cleaning indicator. You can also see when the head of the razor needs to be replaced for the most optimal shave.

What is Included

When you purchase the SentoTouch 3D shaver, you get the 3D shaver, a pouch that is perfect for storage and travel, a charging stand, power cord, brush for cleaning the shaver, and a protective cap for when it is not in use. check it out - Copy (2)

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