Quick Shaving Tips Using a Razor

I get this a lot from many of you who are looking on methods to shave quickly especially in the morning before heading out to work. It can be difficult to get a good and quick shave done in the morning when you have so little time before work. Here are some of the top ten tips I’ve heard from friends and co-workers alike and hopefully these tips will help you out.

Using shaving foam

shaving foam

If you normally don’t use shaving foam to lubricate your skin, you’re probably getting a rougher and slower shave than someone who uses shaving foam. Shaving foam acts as a lubricant for your skin and also helps to make the shaving process smoother and also prevents irritation from happening. Although it can be a little messier, it is a sure fire way to get a clean, fast and irritation free shave every morning.

Use a safety razor

Safety razors have a protective mechanism places between the blade and your skin which reduces the amount of injury to your skin. This is especially helpful in the morning when you are still tired and don’t want to concentrate much while shaving. Although

safety razor1the first safety razor was introduced in 1880, it is still one of the most used types of razor because of its simplicity and the ease of shaving. You’ll want to note that you won’t get the same shave quality as a cartridge razor though because of the single blade of a safety razor.

Shave while bathing

If you are someone who usually takes a shower before heading to work, this will be the best time to shave your facial hair. Not only will the hot steam from the water help to open your pores and hair follicles to make it easier for you to shave, you can also use your shower foam as a shaving cream to reduce irritation. You also get rid of the mess much easier and you won’t have to clean up after shaving.

Getting a specific razor

This is more of a trial and error solutions so it might not be for everyone. If your rate of growth tends to be quite low, it can be beneficial to use a specific razor you know that can trim hair quickly. For example, I have a specific razor that I typically use over the weekends and another razor for the weekdays. The difference between the two is I find that the one I use of a daily basis to be a quicker than the other razor. Although it doesn’t give me as close of a shave that I desire, it still gives me a clean look for the day. To find out more about the best razors available. Do take a look here.

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