The Best Travel Shaver

Traveling abroad but refuse to use travel razors? I know the feeling. They are usually ineffective in removing facial hair and usually requires a few passes to be barely effective. However, most electric shavers are usually too bulky and this is especially the case for rotary shavers which have expanded heads for the rotary blades to sit.

I know there are several travel shavers in the market but unless you want to keep multiple electric shavers lying around in the house, it isn’t a good solution. A travel shaver should be semi portable, can be used on a single charge for a long time and have enough capabilities so you don’t look like a chimpanzee on your travel adventures.

Out of all the brands such as remington, philips, braun and panasonic, I found that models of braun were more portable than the few. Majority of the models from braun were compact and also included in their package a travel pouch. They also felt more sturdy and seemed like they were less prone to being destroyed in transit.

Braun 5 Series 550cc


This is a great travel companion especially if you are going for long trips and you want a mid tiered electric shaver for your shaving needs. It is not only short and compact, it can also be charged without the cleaning system which makes it easy for charging. It’s adapter is also comes with a smart plug for voltages between 110 and 240. Suitable for anywhere in the world. Right now the braun 5 series 550 is also going for an extremely affordable price at $108.50 with free shipping. (usual $169.99) Definitely a good steal especially if you are intending to go overseas right now. Find out more about the full capabilities of the Braun 5 Series 550cc in our reviews here.

Skull shaver

skull shaver

Skull shavers are a great alternative to the braun because of it’s small form factor and high performance it gives. Although they are mostly used for head shaving, it’s performance is decent enough to shave hard to reach areas such as your chin and neck areas. The only drawback is it’s small handle which can be troublesome to handle for some people. It also comes with a hard case so it will be protected from the knocks and bumps during your travel. The battery has a great capacity of 80 minutes shave on a full charge which means you wont need to bring a charger as well if you are going on a short getaway. Check out our full skull shaver review what it can do. In addition, at the cost of just $99 plus free shipping, you’ll be amazed at the amount of functions and performance in the small form factor.

razorcutsShaving while on vocation can be enjoyable if you use the right shaver. In fact most people commented that bringing their own shaver made their vocation more enjoyable because they could shave comfortably and feel their best for the rest of the day. Thus avoiding razor burns and irritation because they weren’t use to the blade. In conclusion, shave with what you are used to and don’t compromise on quality.

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