how to use Use a Nose Hair Trimmer

If you are thinking of plucking all your nose hairs because they look unsightly. Stop what you are doing! Did you know that your nasal hair has a particular function of protecting your body? It is the barrier that prevents pathogens, bacterial and germs from entering your respiratory system. So hold your horses before you decide to rid all of your nasal hair even though you might look like a bull with your nasal hair sticking out. However, there is a limit to how much you need in order for that barrier to exist. In fact, it is not a lot and you can use devices such as nose hair trimmers especially if you have an influx of nose hair stick out. A nasal hair trimmer is great in this sense it does not get rid of all the hair but rather trim it to an acceptable length. Avoid using a pair of scissors for this task although it seems like the cheapest method because you might cut yourself and also you might not cut the hairs to the appropriate length. nose hair

How to use

To use the device, using a mirror to guide you will be the easiest way to trim properly. Tilt your head backwards and flare up your nose, if you are unable to do so, using a finger to push up your nose will be alright. making sure you have some illumination will also aid you greatly to see what you are trimming. Move the tip of the nose hair trimmer around your nose to start trimming and remember to breath out less you breath in your nose hairs. When you are moving the device around, remember not to apply too much pressure to prevent nicks and cuts. You also don’t want to push the shaver up too high,  Once you are done trimming, wash your nose with running water to rid of any hair that might be stuck in your nose.   nostrils


Read the instructions manual on how to conduct maintenance on your nose trimmer and remember to wash the nose trimmer under running water to maintain the device. Using shaver cleaners such as alcohol wash solutions from time to time will also help prolong the life of the device. It is advisable to trim your nose hair at least once a month. Remember that trimming your nose hair will not only help you to look presentable but also maintain personal hygiene. In addition, you can also use the nose trimmer on other parts of your body such as your ears or even your eyebrows should they need trimming.  

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