Tips to Save Money When Buying Electric Shavers

I recently went over to Singapore for a short working trip of 3 months and was horrified when i went down to the nearby gadget shop to purchase a shaver. Singapore being known as a shopping paradise, one would expect the prices to be quite competitive but I was presented with quite the opposite. A normal Braun 3 Series electric shaver which would cost about $59 was a whooping $130 in Singapore at a store called Best Denki. I immediately left the shop and I eventually bought a manual razor instead to tie me down for a short time. After that experience, I wanted to help others who were paying daylight robbery prices for shavers that normally don’t cost that much. Hopefully this article helps you in saving some cost in purchasing an electric shaver. Most of these tips can work where ever you are in the world if you have the right companies that offer drop shipping or shipping services.

Going back to my situation in Singapore, I decided to take a look at other services such as eBay and amazon and found the same models selling at 50% off the price of that in Singapore. I decided to go with my current model that I had back in the states which was the Braun 5 Series 590 because it was reliable and loved the cleaning dock which made the shaver a maintenance free product. However, due to some shipping policy and seller restrictions, there were no shipping options available to ship to the address I was located.shipping Even options that were available had costly shipping rates of $39 and above. Of course I had an option to purchase the product and send it back to my apartment In states and get my wife to ship it to me but figured it was too troublesome for my wife. After some searching online, I found several shipping forwarders or shipping services as you would call them. One being Vpost and another called comgateway. These companies will not be the same if you are living in other countries but it works the same way nonetheless. It’s all about researching about the companies that provide these services. How these companies work will be shown in the following steps below






  • When you sign up as a member, they will give you an overseas address.


  • When you make a purchase, for example amazon. Use the overseas address as the shipping address.


  • After you make payment at amazon, basically the product will be sent to that shipping address which you specified
  • shipping3
  • When that overseas address receives your product from the merchant, they will inform you through an email that it has arrived at that overseas address and you can either consolidate that product with other products to ship back to your current location together, or you can send that product directly back to you. 
  • Make payment to the shipping service and they will ship the product to you.

Simple as that. Obviously there are some draw backs that you need to be aware of especially if you are purchasing electrical products from overseas and here are the solutions to them.

Singapore for example uses a UK electrical outlet which is different from the US so it is important to either have a travel adapter or get a travel friendly package shaver. Do note that there is also a voltage difference at times so try to purchase an electric shaver which has a smart plug function which can operate with different voltages from 100v to 240v. 

Warranty is also a concern especially if you are purchasing electrical products. Most brands have local warranties only which do not accept overseas versions so it is important to take good care of your device and prevent it from spoiling. If it does spoil, you might have to send it back to where you purchased it and that can take a long time or cost a lot. Either that or you can also pay for the repairing cost locally which can also cost a bomb. Either way, if your device spoils. Its a lot of hassle that you will have to go through with. But with the amount of money you save. It’s definitely worth it.

Overall the shipping is pretty quick and it took about 1 week for me to receive my shaver. If you are in a hurry as well most of these services also have an express delivery you can use as well. 

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