Types of Shavers and razors

Shaving originated thousands of years ago and has transformed into the shaving we know today which is usually by an electric shaver or manual cartridge razors. However, Did you know that there are other razors still available today that many others still swear by. In this article we hope to show you the different alternatives and maybe you’ll even try using some of the mentioned methods. All the methods differs from each other in the quality of the shave, the time required for the shave and also the blades used.

Safety Razor

safety razor1 The safety razor was first introduced in 1847 by William S. Henson who also filled for a patent. It works by having a protective material positioned between the blade and your skin, this greatly reduces the risk of cutting yourself. Shaving via the use of a safety razor can be fast and efficient as a result and requires little to no maintenance. The blades usually requires replacement every 2-3 weeks depending on the amount of facial hair you have and the frequency you shave but is affordable to replace.  Although it has been introduced so long ago, safety razors are still a popular method of shaving because of the effectiveness and the close shave that it gives. A quality safety razor can set you back by about $50 to $150 and is normally determined by the material of the handle. Most safety razor users will also accompany the shave with shaving cream which is the traditional method or shaving foam. Both are effective ways to make the experience more pleasant by reducing the risk of razor burns and also helps to prep your facial hair before being shaved.  Below are our favorite selections of safety razors that we recommend users to get started with.  

Straight Edged Razor

straight edge razor The straight razor or the cut throat razor is also one of the big daddies of shaving. It is probably through this razor that the switchblade was also made. Straight blades can still be found in traditional barbers but it’s popularity was during the 17th to 18th century. The blade is usually made of hardened steel and the only safety feature is the handle which the blade keeps in. Unless you have some experience handling knifes or have a stable hands, we recommend you stay away from this method. Unlike most razors which may give you small cuts or nicks, with a straight razor, one wrong move and you could be lying in your pool of blood. Literally. Straight razors usually has the sharpest of blades and provides the closest of shaves. However you will have to move carefully to avoid cutting yourself. The blade normally does not require replacing but needs to be sharpened on a constant basis especially if you frequently shave. Straight razors can cost anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars and depends on the craftsmanship and the material of the blade. After all, if you invest in a good straight edge razor, you will never need to buy another blade again, all you have to do is sharpen it. If you are curious, try it out but practice extreme caution while using this method of shaving.

Cartridge Razors

gillette disposable The good o’l cartridge razor is the razor that most of us can identify with now. Mainly made using 3 or more blades stacked on top of another it is one of the most used razor in today’s modern world. In fact, most of the disposable razors are also made using cartridge razors because it is so effective and affordable. cartridge razors as the name implies allows the head to be replaced like a cartridge for easy maintenance. This reduces the amount of work you need to do to replace the 3 or more blades on the head. There have been countless of iterations of these razors to give the best comfort and shave possible such as models from Gillette and Schick. However, with these new technology comes a rise in the price tag as well. These cartridge especially for these high end models as well cost quite a lot so if you shave on a constant basis, it is important to weigh your cost and to determine if it is worth the performance and money. If you are on a budget you can also purchase disposable razors which can give you average to good performance depending on the price you pay. For more information, do take a look at our article here which compares disposable razors and electric shavers.

 Electric Shavers

Braun-Series-71 Innovated in the early 19th century, electric shavers have come a long way to where it is at now. At the highest level which you can get for about $150 to $250, you get features such as self cleaning docks and you can even experience a manual razor like shave. Electric shavers have been known to be reliable, not needing creams to achieve the same comfort as manual razors need. Electric shavers also have better capabilities shaving hard to reach places such as your jaw line and your neck area because most models have pivoting heads or free floating heads that can adapt to the contours of your face. Although the initial cost is significantly higher than manual razors, most people see an overall savings because the blades on an electric shaver have a longer life span. Electric shavers also act as a important tool to trim side burns, beards as well as eye brows with the additional trimmer it usually comes with. Check out our electric shaver reviews for the best in 2014 as well to learn more about electric shavers.


If you are looking for a manual method of shaving, we will definitely recommend a safety razor for that quick and close shave that it gives. However, if you are looking for the most cost effective method and hate the process of lathering up, pick an electric shaver. Either way, both methods are great in avoiding nicks and cuts and are effective in giving you a close shave.  

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