How to Use An Epilator

Epilators are electronic devices used to extract hair from the surface of your skin. This is done by the device grasping and pulling the strands of hair simultaneously. The method is similar to maxing but unlike waxing, it does not damage the cells from the epithelium. Therefore using epilators are a much better method than waxing.  Similar to Waxing, using an epilator also involves a lot of pain. If you are someone who cannot withstand pain, you should first wax the area before using an epilator. Epilators are usually used on leg areas especially for women who desires soft silky legs or on your hands.   There are two different types of epilators in the market now. The first is a spring type epilator. In this type, the device contains many springs that are coiled together. When the device is in operation, the coils are then unsprung and sprung rapidly to capture your hair follicles. The disadvantage of using a spring epilator is the spring will eventually need to be replaced which can be a hassle because it is hard to tell when the springs have been worn out. The only type of epilator is the rotating disk. The metal discs clamp together and apart as the device glides past your skin and captures the hair. This method is much better because the parts do not need much maitnenance and most of the modern depilatory are made using metal discs. epilator1

Pros and cons

Just like any product there are always pros and cons and we will be reviewing the key differences between an epilator and waxing. Waxing requires the use of max and a strip of waxing paper to successfully remove the hair which tends to be quite messy. However an epilator just requires a power source for it to operate. Pain can be a huge issue especially if you have a low tolerance to pain. Most women gave feedback that their first time epilating is always the worse but subsequent sessions tend to be more bearable. Speed is a factor when you compare the two methods. Epilating requires far less time than waxing because you can just grab the device and remove your hair in a matter of minutes. Whereas waxing usually is a 1 hour process or longer if you do it incorrectly.If you already have longer strands of hair. Waxing initially might be a better idea because epilating longer strands of hair usually leads to irritation, discomfort and more pain. You can also use a body hair trimmer or an electric shaver to first reduce the length of the hair. 

How to epilate

If you are epilating for the first time, following these simple steps will ensure you have smooth hairless skin for weeks.

  1. Take  bath or wash the area and moisturize the area that you are about to epilate, this will help with the irritation that might occur after plucking your hairs. You also want to shorten the length of your hair by either using an electric shaver or a body trimmer. Either way works. Majority of epilators are about to pluck hairs at 0.5mm so it should have no problem plucking them even if you shave using the mentioned device.
  2. Make sure that your skin is dry before you epilate. 
  3. Begin the process of epilating. Make sure that you glide the epilator in a straight row in a systematic way and in a single stoke. This will ensure you do not miss any part. While doing so, stretch out your skin so that the device will have an easier time removing your hairs and also it will have better results
  4. You want to take your time with this process and move the epilator slowly. Moving at a faster rate than what it can pluck will result in patches or stray hairs that aren’t removed.
  5. Maintenance. You want to ensure that your epilator is clean for the next usage. Because an epilator is such a personal item like electric shavers. Try not to share your epilator with anyone else and ensure that your device is always dry and clean. Check your user’s manual for maintenance steps. Many brands have different steps to clean the epilator so there is 1 step method to clean it.



Epilating is a common method used to remove hair and is a reliable and is a time saver when compared to waxing. The results are usually long lasting as well because the roots of your hair are removed. There are many brands out in the market at different price points so it is important to shop wisely and buy only for the function you need. Though epilating is a painful process, looking good with that silky skin is definitely worth it.

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