What to Look for In an Electric Shaver

As a previous user for a razor, i know what it was like changing to an electric shaver, i was prepared to pay a little more for the electric variant but I also got a shock when i came to see the cost for the higher specced shavers in the electronic store. It can be daunting at your first look especially if you have been using inexpensive razors all your life. However, once you change from a manual razor to an electric shaver, you’ll probably never look back. (insert link of benefits of electric shavers).

 to encourage you to change to a braun shaver, you should probably look at why as a matter of fact, using an electric shaver  is cheaper overall than a manual razor.
There are a few factors when it comes to choosing an electric shaver and it all boils down to these.

Price for functions


Companies all over the world are famous for one thing; encouraging you to get the higher tier model and making you think you need those functions. However, from experience you get diminishing returns up to a certain point from the features. Browse around our blog and you can find out more about the different models available from various brands such as Phillips,braun and panasonic. We have in-depth reviews that you can use for comparison.



Accessories or attachment are only useful if you need them. In today’s market where every brand is trying to differentiate from each other by trying you more attachments and accessories, it is difficult to keep focus on what is essential. Whether it is a all in one cleaning system or trimmers, evaluate whether you will need them and whether forking out extra money is what you really want to get those functions.


Electric shavers can be expensive especially if you are looking for the higher tiered models. One way you can mitigate this is by looking out for fire sales. More often than not, online retailers will offer more than 50% discounts for selected electric shavers. salesOne great example is amazon which usually gives steep discount for their shavers. Our website also helps you to identify which are on steep discounts because we too want to help you save money. Check out our top electric shaver for the update on prices and save money!
Overall, there are usually 3 different price points that you should be looking at, below $100, $100-$200, and above $200. Consider the differences and get one that is closest to your budget and you’ll never regret it. 

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